Introductory Floatation Session (60 mins)
Redmayne Lodge, Park Gate, Strensall, York, YO32 5YL ( 01904 501500 )
91 Reviews ( 4.7 / 5.0 )

What You'll Get

15min Consultation and Instructions of how to use the pod, 60min Float.

Floatation Therapy or Sensory Deprivation involves being immersed in a pod with water that is heated to skin temperature, the water is combined with an intense solution of Epsom salt (700kg of magnesium sulphate) creating the necessary conditions for your body to effortlessly float.

Our Epsom salt solution contains essential minerals that leave you feeling completely relaxed and deeply vibrant as the tension in your body melts away and your body releases amazing energy.

To ensure absolute relaxation and calm, our pods are both sound and light proof, these conditions give your mind the chance to disconnect from the constant bombardment of sensory input which in turn enhances your ability to be cognitive, mindful and introspective.

Also great for conditions benefiting from magnesium such as: Fibromyalgia , Chronic fatigue , Eczema , Psoriasis , Arthritic pain

Good to Know

It is recommended that no coffee or sugar rich drinks are consumed for at least a few hours prior to the session. We highly discourage shaving body hair before floating. Also for your comfort, we are happy to provide everything that you will need for your floatation session: earplugs, towels (£2 laundry charge will apply), body wash and hair-dryer. Strictly no under 18yrs

Customer Reviews

5* Malgorzata G.
" Brilliant experience. Lovely relaxed place and friendly staff. Will definitely go back! "
5* Paula H.
" Was a fantastic experience felt relaxed after and had the best nights sleep for the past 2 nights !!! Would highly recommend this experience "
5* Shelley H.
" Absolutely fantastic experience. I suffer a lot of the time with a poor sleeping patten, often waking up many times during the night. I saw the offer and decided to give it a try and so glad I did. Once checked in, a quick shower and then just total relaxation for the rest of your visit. I was surprised that after getting into the tank you simply float effortlessly due to the Epsom salts. Inside the tank, you can have the option of softly lit or lights out. Try both, but for me, lights totally out was the more relaxing. The water temperature is around 34 degrees and just right. Before getting in, it was explained the if I felt claustrophobic and that I could have the lid open or closed. I had it fully closed and at no time did I feel it was claustrophobic but the options there. The experience was fully explained by the staff and I was informed that I should feel the benefit in days to come. Well, I can confirm I have had the best nights sleep for a very long time. Thank you. I will certainly be returning to Redmayne Lodge again and can highly recommend this wonderful experience. "
5* David A.

About Redmayne Lodge

Located within the Redmayne Lodge complimentary therapy centre, Yorkshire Floatation Centre operates two floatation rooms and an infrared sauna. Sessions are designed to help clients unwind with sensory deprivation and heat-based treatments, with the centre also offering the likes of colonic hydrotherapy, reflexology, Swedish massage and more.

Telephone: 01904 501500
Address: Redmayne Lodge, Park Gate, Strensall, York, YO32 5YL

Photo of Redmayne Lodge Map of Redmayne Lodge, Park Gate, Strensall, York, YO32 5YL

The Fine Print

Restrictions: Unfortunately, you will not be able to float if you - Suffer from incontinence, nausea, epilepsy or psychotic illness, have any serious heart disease, wear a pacemaker or have been advised not to float for any other medical reason. You cannot float if you are suffering from an ear, nose or throat infection or have a history of regular, acute ear infections, have open or bleeding wounds. Strictly no under 18yrs allowed in the building.
Minimum Age Permitted: 18

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