Life Mastery Coaching (90 mins)
Redmayne Lodge, Park Gate, Strensall, York, YO32 5YL ( 01904 501500 )

What You'll Get

Life Mastery Coaching is designed to help you to overcome all those problems and issues that you have held on to as part of your Cellular Structure from the early stages of your life. If you feel ready to let go of all those things that are, in appearance, dragging you down, whether it be physical pain in the body, a way of life or job that no longer gives you enjoyment, or simply you wish to aid yourself simply to live in your JOY and enhance what you already do, to its full potential this is for you. I help you make the transition from brain to heart, and along the way help you to listen to your intuition, and follow it, so disappointment becomes a thing of the past, as MAGIC begins to unfold for you. In taking the time for you, your life can change beyond what you have ever imagined, and your DREAMS no matter what they are can become manifest in your life. YOU DESERVE YOUR DREAMS The sessions can either be conducted with me in person, or online over a webinar medium, where they can be recorded so you can have a record of how far you have come Each Session is personally designed for you to give you exactly what you need to take you forward.

About Shona

I am Shona Ann Hill – I am a Life Enhancement Coach. I am a Mentor appearing on “Transformation TV”, and I have appeared at the “Global Rising Summit”. I am also the #1 Bestselling Author of ‘Be Yourself With Confidence’. Combining the above with Holistic Treatments I assist people to Transform their lives. I’m based in Strensall, near York, UK and offer you mentoring, holistic, dietary, cosmetic treatments and training.

About Redmayne Lodge

Located within the Redmayne Lodge complimentary therapy centre, Yorkshire Floatation Centre operates two floatation rooms and an infrared sauna. Sessions are designed to help clients unwind with sensory deprivation and heat-based treatments, with the centre also offering the likes of colonic hydrotherapy, reflexology, Swedish massage and more.

Telephone: 01904 501500
Address: Redmayne Lodge, Park Gate, Strensall, York, YO32 5YL

Photo of Redmayne Lodge Map of Redmayne Lodge, Park Gate, Strensall, York, YO32 5YL

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Fast and Free WiFi
Free Parking at the venue
Bus Stop very close


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