HIFU Feminine Intimate Rejuvenation with FREE no obligation Consultation (60 mins)
Redmayne Lodge, Park Gate, Strensall, York, YO32 5YL ( 01904 501500 )
19 Reviews ( 4.79 / 5.0 )

What You'll Get

HIFU Feminine Intimate Rejuvenation
High Intensity focused ultrasound, the latest and most advanced option for:
Vaginal Tightening,
Potent firming effect increases intimate sensitivity,
Increases lubrication and eliminates dryness,
Helps reduce vaginal infection,
Improves stress urinary Incontinence conditions,

This treatment gives better results than LASER and also benefits from No pain, No bleeding, No downtime,

Patient friendly system,
Single treatment with lasting effects for 18 to 24 months.

Warning !!

Beware some clinics are offering a reduced superficial treatment then offering an upsell deep penetration treatment at a much higher cost..
Why are we so inexpensive against other clinics ? because I am passionate that this service should be available to everyone not just the few that can afford to spend several £k

Good to Know

Highly experienced and discreet female practitioner will explain the whole procedure and put you at ease.. If you have any questions regarding the treatment please do not hesitate in telephoning reception at Redmayne Lodge and if i'm not available leave your name and number and I will call you back at your discretion.

Customer Reviews

" Well, first of all let me just say that Roseann is awesome! I’ve always been one to absolutely hate having pelvic examinations done, so it took me some time to work up the courage to make an appointment. I’m so glad I did! She put me at total ease and her knowledge about the process is impressive she thoroughly explained the procedure and the kind of results to expect. After the treatment, I could tell there was somewhat of a difference, and have been told this is an ongoing improvement for the next couple of months and should not need another for 12-18mths (definitely snugger during intercourse) I would absolutely recommend this procedure to anyone thinking about it. And I’m so glad I found Roseann! She’s the best!! "
5* Jane.
" The HIFU treatment has changed my life in so many ways. There's very minimal leakage, most of the time it's not an issue. The main reason I chose to have this done was that I suffered from very painful intercourse which also caused bleeding afterwards. After my treatment there was no bleeding and more lubrication so now more comfortable. Now my pain level has reduced dramatically, my husband and I are more frequent and I am not dreading it! "
5* Andrea F.
" For a long time, I haven't been happy with the changes in my body after babies. Embarrassed to talk to anyone about this and not realizing there were non-surgical options I just dealt with it. the lady that performed the procedure made me feel safe and comfortable. The procedure itself was mildly uncomfortable just feeling a little warm. There was no down time and I went to dinner hours after the procedure without any problems or pain to deal with. I would recommend this to any ladies in my situation. "
4* Louise W.
" I got an amazing introductory deal. I had my session yesterday. The practitioner explained the process brilliantly, I must admit it felt weird with the probe rotating round my vagina walls. But I will say there was no pain and even today I can feel things are tightening up. "
5* Deb D.

About Rose-ann

I have been a Colonic Hydrotherapist for several years, in 2017 after having HIFU Rejuvenation myself, I decided to undergo additional training for this treatment as the results were so impressive, since training I have performed 100+ treatments, and the results are fantastic..

About Redmayne Lodge

Located within the Redmayne Lodge complimentary therapy centre, Yorkshire Floatation Centre operates two floatation rooms and an infrared sauna. Sessions are designed to help clients unwind with sensory deprivation and heat-based treatments, with the centre also offering the likes of colonic hydrotherapy, reflexology, Swedish massage and more.

Telephone: 01904 501500
Address: Redmayne Lodge, Park Gate, Strensall, York, YO32 5YL
Website: http://www.redmaynelodge.co.uk/

Photo of Redmayne Lodge Map of Redmayne Lodge, Park Gate, Strensall, York, YO32 5YL

The Fine Print

Restrictions: Contraindications may apply but will be discussed at time of consultation prior to any treatment.
Minimum Age Permitted: 18

Fast and Free WiFi
15+ Viewed Today
Free Parking at the venue
Bus Stop very close


Save ~63%

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